Services Overview


USP’s Telemarketing Services are tailored for all size of companies and customized to meet any type of requirement based on your business objectives.

Our full service solutions can include any combination of call center services, from handling your incoming calls and sales orders, make sales calls, cross-selling / up-selling to calling leads and customers to set sales appointments for your company.

We also design a telemarketing program suited to your specific needs and budget.


Decency, respectability and dignity have been our strength throughout. Our efficient and reliable Information based chat services have won hearts of all our callers over the years.

This is yet one of our premium offering that includes promoting International Premium Rate Numbers (IPRN) in India in order to build a virtual chat line for our online callers worldwide.

This service is indeed the highest popular as we maintain long distant call durations with large number of callers with highest proficiency and generate traffic for our esteemed clients in lieu.


It's something we all want, information on what might be. Love, money, employment, and much more.

People are accustomed to paying for this service in person, but now they can choose to offer this service directly via the phone line by our highly skilled astrologers working with us.

With this service callers are able to offer a Star Sign reading and additional information on their personal characteristics based on the astrological relative positions of celestial bodies and their relations in conjunction with their name and birth date.


Tarot Card Reading is majorly used from all walks of life to gain insight, predicting events and understand what is happening in one’s life. Each card is interpreted by its individual symbolism in combination with its symbolic position within the spread, in relation to the cards surrounding it, and in relation to the question that is asked.

Our experts are adept in reading the tarot cards in unison with a Crystal Ball which is also known as a very powerful tool to aid in the healing process and finding lost objects. It shows many direct objects and helps see the fine details that are missed in a Tarot Card Reading. Our experts see good influences, bad influences, initials and names, documents and even the writing and the print therein. Callers are given a personal reading by our expert Tarot Readers who are ready to give them live predictions.


This is a 24-hour hotline service operated by our trained volunteers who offer information and crisis intervention to victims of domestic violence, disadvantaged people or victims suffering from anxiety or depression regardless of location, socio-economic status, employment, disability, age, gender, religion and ethnicity.

Our skilled professionals handle the calls with utmost care and counsel them to realize their inner potential. Careful measures are taken by encouraging the affected back into the learning process to be able to make them come out of mental depression and frustration by highlighting their inner abilities.