Chat Support Services

With the explosion of companies show-casing their products and services on the Internet, there are several ways in which a Customer Contact Center can assist the web visitors with LIVE customer service.

When a web visitor seeks assistance, a reactive text chat session is initiated by clicking on a link. The customer support executive interacts with the web visitor, understands the requirements, resolves the query and closes the interaction. Alternatively, based on the requirements and on predefined parameters the customer support executive could also trigger a proactive chat session with the web visitor. Power tools like Page Pushing and Web Linking helps the customer support executive to deliver precise solutions to the web visitors, with a reactive or proactive mode of collaboration.

USP Telecoms internet chat service offers you a number of advantages due to the immediacy of the interaction and the ability of well-trained agents to react to individual circumstances. When customers are interacting with your website they can be offered the option to communicate with a live-agent via text chat. We offer chat support services to augment your website and strengthen your web based customer interaction.

Customer support executives can help :

  • Web visitors locate the desired product or service information within your website.
  • Understand the visitors requirements and quickly suggest the available options.
  • Finish a customers incomplete order.
  • Suggest complementing products and services to those already ordered.
  • Assist in completing credit card transactions.
  • Provide a reliable source of first-hand information of your products and services.